[DA] Top 50 Impact List • 27th July 2023

[DA] Reveal?

The [DA] Top 50 Impact List was revealed at the Digital Asset Conference Gala on Thursday 27th July 2023.

The evening included a 3 course dinner, mingling, and in essence the culmination of the weeks digital asset sector bonding experiences.

Here’s the top 5.

And the most impactful person in the Digital Asset Sector in Australia is

Impact verb /ɪmˈpakt,ˈɪmpakt/ “have a strong effect on someone or something”

Who is having the biggest impact on the digital asset sector in Australia? 

Those in a position of authority. Maybe those with domain expertise and knowledge, personality, charisma, or an unrelenting commitment to getting things done. 

The people who are shaping the world around them, through action or in many cases inaction. The change makers, the visionaries and the gatekeepers. The ones who are shaping the future of finance, today.

Who should make the [DA] Top 50 Impact List?