Bringing together our best and brightest to develop solutions to a series of challenging topics. 

Conversation starters that tackle issues of privacy, sovereign capability, ESG, financial inclusion and globalisation. Giving confidence to decision makers around the navigation of technology that looks to reimagine payments, digital value and settlements.  

Allowing enough time for conversations to occur, ventilating issues and tasking those present to develop outcomes based frameworks for the development of the sector. 

Roundtables [Tues 25th July]
Sector based ecosystem: building platforms that differentiate Australia's multi-billion dollar trade ambitions - Host Location: KPMG
The Lawyers Forum
Global Regulatory Trends - Host Location: MINTERELLISON
Blockchain & AI: The future of governance and the last line of defence of data integrity - Host Location: CSIRO DATA61


Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

A Regulators Dilemma. The case for an enforcement led response to the development of the digital assets sector - Host Location: HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS


Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Financial Scams in the Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Sector: A deep dive into attack vectors, techniques, tactics and trends - Host Location: CLYDE & CO


Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Leading practise for institutions adopting digital assets - Host Location: EY


Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Custody and custodians: The frameworks that will hold the keys to the digital asset economy. Storing, managing and securing the internet of value - Host Location: ASX


Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Opportunities for Cost Optimisation - Business Use Cases for Blockchain & DLT - Host Location: DELOITTE


Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

[DA] Room – [Wed 26th July]

A room with 200 participants from across the country and the region. A representative cohort of the digital asset sector. 

The format for the day will involve “scene-setting” panel discussions followed by active engagement of those in the room. This unique style of delegate participation will ensure the highest quality discussion possible.

The themes of the day will incorporate some of the learnings from the previous day’s discussions. There will be a particular emphasis on use cases and the practical delivery of technology outcomes, such that regulators and the industry can focus on segments of the space beyond the narratives that have slowed and lowered the tone of conversations. 

Session 1

Consumer Protection & Scams  

Defending Against Fraud and Scams:

Raising sectoral awareness through the understanding of attack vectors, redefining the enemy and the battle ahead to educate consumers

Session 2


Developing a Custody Framework in and for Australia:

Securing the future of the digital asset ecosystem, understanding the rules, regulations and governance of the storage and management of digital assets.

Session 3

World View 

Australia’s role in the region:

A snapshot of the past, present and future of digital assets. A view from outside the local bubble. Opportunity knocking, opportunity lost or an opportunity we should ignore.

Session 4

Regulatory Perimeter

The Case for Stricter Regulation of the Digital Assets Sector in Australia:

The certainty of a less uncertain future. How global trends are reshaping the regulatory landscape in Australia and its impact on the creation of catalysts for innovation and consumer protections.

Session 5

Use Cases

Real World Applications of Digital Assets and Distributed Ledger Technology: 

Building infrastructure and capability for Australia 3.0. The path towards a digitally native economy that bridges the tech innovation deficit.

Session 6


ESG Considerations for Digital Assets:

Exploring the environmental, social, and governance implications of digital assets and a path to promoting sustainability and responsible innovation.

Session 7

Payments, Stablecoins & CBDCs

The new face of money: 

The challenge of adapting systems in the face of emergent decentralized alternatives and expectations in UX experience. Payment infrastructure and the dilemma of systemic opportunity giving rise to systemic risk.

[The Event Themes]

Engage in industry-led discussions on the future of the Australian digital asset landscape, covering the following themes.

Asset Management


Cybercrime & Fraud


Market Integrity


Tokenisation & Fractionalisation


Compliance & Enforcement


FATF Guidelines

MiCA & The FCA


Track & Trace

APAC Region

Consumer Protections

Digital Asset Hubs

Financial Stability

Open Banking & CDR



Banking & FSI’s

Cross Border Payments

Digital Wallets & Storage

Institutional Adoption

Payments Providers

Singapore & MAS

Trading & Liquidity

BIS & FSB Guidance

Custody Management

Due Diligence

Macro Trends

Regulatory Perimeter

Tax Treatment

Velocity & Volatility